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Word of welcome:

ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands will be the host-city of the 38th International Congress of the European Hernia Society (EHS), which will be held from 5th – 8th June 2016 in the World Trade Centre in downtown Rotterdam.

Teaching & Quality Control of (Hernia) Surgery is the main theme of this year´s congress. The question how to teach surgery is important but still undervalued, just in times where there are so many technical developments in our craft. How do we have to transfer our craftsmanship to our colleagues or successors, while on the other hand there is growing interest in securing the quality of our work. In the near future we will have to prove how and why we treat our patients as we do. In order to do so we have to stick together and commonly develop quality control systems before authorities determine the rules. This congress hopefully will set further steps in both directions, teaching and quality control.

Next to that Rotterdam already for years produces scientific evidence for many issues concerning the abdominal wall. Johannes Jeekel and his group in this always supported young investigators in taking our knowledge further and therefore he himself in this congress again will give investigators the floor and honour their studies deserve.

Active participation is appreciated and supported by the many sessions with the possibility to participate in discussions via social media and microphones.

It has been difficult to make a balanced programme with the right mix of science and time for social activities, but we hope that you will be able to find your personal balance in that. Rotterdam offers many attractions, the position of the venue right down-town is dangerous but we are confident that all of you, whether you are a doctor, resident, student, scientist or sponsor, to whom we are grateful for their support, will find your way to the scientific and social meeting this congress provides.

We, anyway, will enjoy your presence, hope to be able to shake hands and believe that your expectations will be met.

Johan Lange & Rogier Simmermacher
Joint Chairs, EHS 2016 Organising Commitee